13 Reasons not to miss EuroTier 2022

EuroTier 2022 is the largest trade fair for animal husbandry and traditionally attracts many pig professionals from all over the world. It is regarded as a platform for innovations and this year a total of 185 new products were presented to a jury appointed by the organiser, the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

Finally, there were 4 gold and 14 silver medalists. All companies will receive their awards during the November fair, which is now estimated to have attracted 1,700 agricultural companies.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Boehringer Ingelheim

System for analyzing pig cough (+ animal welfare price)

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica; Hall 11, Stand D28

The SoundTalks system has been in development for many years – EuroTier 2022 marks its market entry. It is a system that continuously analyzes the health of the respiratory tract of pigs during rearing and finishing. Monitors equipped with 6 microphones register all sounds and are able to distinguish cough sounds using algorithms. The system can detect coughs up to 5 days earlier than a pig producer. A traffic light system or a smartphone app warns a manufacturer, enables quick action and helps to reduce antibiotic consumption.

Easy lifting of manure plugs

EuroTier 2022 Photo: Meier-Brakenberg
Photo: Meier-Brakenberg

Meier-Brakenberg; Hall 16, Stand A12

Removing mud plugs is often a physically demanding job. With Lifty, the German device manufacturer presented a technical solution consisting of a tripod frame with conically arranged legs that is screwed into the technology box above. The box includes an electric winch that can lift a load up to 1m and uses batteries. In the case of wall-mounted manure plugs, the manufacturer can unscrew one leg.

EuroTier 2022 Photo: Big Dutchman
Photo: Large Dutchman

bed robot

Big Dutchman International; Hall 17, Stand B22

Straw bedding is very likely to be part of future pig housing systems. With the Olliges bedding robot, Big Dutchman has developed an approach to reduce the amount of straw bedding. The intelligent robot independently decides where and how much bedding. The robot makes its decisions based on a nighttime evaluation run using infrared light, thereby eliminating any possible distortions caused by sunlight. At the end of the evaluation run, the robot analyzes image material and creates a plan for the next 24 hours.

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EuroTier 2022 Photo: Mik International
Photo: Mike International

Thermochromatic piglet nest heating

Mike International; Hall 17, Stand G11

Thermo W/E is a new approach to determining the optimal piglet nest temperature. For this purpose, the visible tops of the underfloor heating elements are coated with reversible thermochromatic pigments that change color at preset minimum or maximum temperatures. In this way, a pig farmer can quickly determine whether there is a possible heating error. According to the company, the innovation leads to economic benefits.

EuroTier 2022 Photo: Hölscher + Leuschner
Photo: Hölscher + Leuschner

Mobile marking station with 3D camera

Holscher + Leuschner; Hall 15, Stand E25

The new weighing station Optimarker is equipped with an optical scale for fattening pigs. A 3D camera determines the weight of the animals and automatically marks the animals with spray paint when certain threshold values ​​are reached. The system is mobile as the units are small and portable and can be placed in simple brackets in different bays as needed. This enables the composition of groups from different bays. It stores measurements during finishing in a central database.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: shower

Distribution of dusted straw

Shower; Hall 17, Stand F34

The Strohmatic Air ASD is a fully automatic straw distribution system that evenly distributes dedusted straw in pig pens. Pneumatically operated, the system enables targeted straw distribution, which can also be flexibly controlled automatically in terms of time and quantity. The maximum distributor radius is 8 m per distributor. The maximum conveying capacity up to 700 kg/hour. Growers can control the Strohmatic Air ASD via a new, improved control unit that is accessible online and distributes the desired amounts of straw at defined times.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Agrisys

Whistleblower Weighing System

Agrisys; Hall 17, Stand D22

A novelty that could not be presented earlier at EuroTier is the AutoPig system, an intelligent pig sluice that can measure and monitor data on each piglet or finisher as it moves from one side of the pen to the next. By using an ear tag, data can be collected without disturbing the animals’ natural behavior. Real-time information collected includes information about activity, feed intake, water consumption and temperature. All electronics are housed in the upper module.

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EuroTier 2022
Photo: Bewital

Piglet feed with banana and carrot

Bewital; Hall 22, Stand A19

With Bewi-San Digest, the German special feed manufacturer Bewital presents a new dietary supplement for piglet rearing. The mix of natural food components such as bananas, carrots and locust bean gum promotes positive intestinal development by, for example, suppressing the development of undesirable bacteria. The product can be fed to young suckling piglets in the post-colostrum phase and ensures early feed intake – a decisive advantage for the entire rearing period.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Weda

Easy-to-use outdoor crowd barriers

Veda; Hall 17, Stand D05 and Hall 21, Stand J13-15

Husbandry concepts that allow pigs to run around are increasingly appearing on the German market. So how can you clean these outdoor areas quickly and easily? Weda has developed the Quick.Gate for this purpose, an easy-to-close and open concept. It can convert outdoor pens into a track in an instant, after which growers can use a vehicle to collect manure or straw very quickly. According to the company, 20 outdoor sockets are clean in 10 minutes. Special hinges allow the gates to be fixed ergonomically to the barn without allowing the smaller piglets to escape.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Vilofoss

Fiber and acids to improve gut health

Wilofoss; Hall 21, Stand J08

In search of solutions for dealing with zinc oxide substitutes, Danish animal nutrition company Vilofoss has released Fib-O-Min. This blend contains fiber and acids that improve gut health and also alter the bacterial composition in the gut. The product also contains a special formulation with vitamin E, which increases absorption and acts as an antioxidant. In this sense, the product is related to the company’s CareFoss E-Force innovation for calves, which received a silver medal.

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EuroTier 2022
Photo: Dostofarm

Phytogens for lung health

dostofarm; Hall 20, Stand D26

Feed additives for pig intestines are well known, but German feed additive company Dostofarm came up with the idea of ​​launching a feed additive that targets the respiratory tract. The PhytoSolvan range, available for all types of livestock, is a combination of essential oils and herbs and aims to alleviate clinical symptoms that piglets or fattening pigs may experience as a result of lung infection. The material is tasty and stimulates feed intake. The mixture is also available in organic form under the name PhytoSolvan 4Green.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Large Dutchman

Control system measures temperature and CO2

Big Dutchman International; Hall 17, Stand B22

Big Dutchman presents CaveControl, a 2-zone climate system. Pig farmers can save heating energy while providing better air quality. To do this, they can install sensors directly under the air-conditioning cover in kindergartens. These sensors measure temperature and CO2 Concentration very accurate due to high CO values2 are relevant to elicit unusual behavior. Software controls the heating system and automatically opens or closes the air-conditioning cover as required.

EuroTier 2022
Photo: Miavit

Coated additives for better gut health

miavite; Hall 22, A30

German animal nutrition company Miavit is launching Miarom Intest C at this EuroTier. It is a supplementary feed for pigs to support intestinal health. The dietary supplement contains various active phytogenic components, think of cumin, star anise, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon and oregano. Because the additives are coated, they achieve slow release in the animal’s intestines. Producers can add the product to mixed feed and thus preventively support digestion and intestinal health. A liquid version for addition to drinking water is available for poultry.

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